Moorepay payroll prices and options review – 2024 UK costs guide

Navigating the complexities of payroll management is a challenge that many UK businesses face. While doing payroll in-house may seem cost-effective, the administrative burden and risk of non-compliance often lead businesses to seek specialised solutions. Moorepay is a trusted name in this sector, offering both software and outsourcing services.


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However, deciphering the costs can sometimes be confusing. In this article, we will break down the estimated pricing for Moorepay’s payroll offerings.

Moorepay payroll price list

Service TypeCost ItemEstimated Cost RangeRemarks
SaaS Payroll SoftwareSubscription Fee£50 – £200+ per monthVaries based on the number of employees and features
Set-Up Fee£150 – £300 one-timeInitial set-up
Additional Modules£20 – £50 per monthOptional HR and time-tracking add-ons
Outsourced ServicesPer Employee, Per Month (PEPM)£5 – £8 per employeePrice increases based on services
Additional Services£100 – £300 annuallyCustom reports, end-of-year processing
Implementation Costs£500 – £1,000 one-timeOne-off fee for transitioning
Bundled ServicesCombined Monthly Fee£100 – £500+ per monthIncludes both payroll and HR services
Moorepay price list

Moorepay payroll software pricing and costs

Moorepay’s cloud-based payroll software allows businesses to handle payroll processes internally. This model is particularly beneficial for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Pricing factors and estimated costs

  • Subscription Fee: Monthly fees generally start around £50 for businesses with up to 10 employees. This fee can go up to £200+ for companies with more than 100 employees.
  • Set-Up Fee: An initial one-time set-up fee of approximately £150-£300 may apply.
  • Additional Modules: Optional add-ons like HR modules may cost an extra £20 to £50 per month.

Cost savings

Despite these costs, the software option can result in significant long-term savings. The efficiency it brings can potentially negate the need for hiring additional HR staff for payroll, thus cutting down on labour costs.

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Moorepay outsourced payroll services pricing and costs

For those who would rather completely offload payroll management, Moorepay offers a comprehensive outsourced service.

Pricing factors and estimated costs

  • Per Employee, Per Month (PEPM): Pricing often starts at about £5 to £8 per employee, per month. The price can increase based on the level of service required.
  • Additional Services: Specialised services like custom reports or end-of-year processing can add another £100 to £300 to your annual costs.
  • Implementation Costs: A one-off fee ranging from £500 to £1,000 is typically charged for the transition.

Cost benefits

While the outsourced option tends to be more expensive than the software-based one, the benefits can justify the costs. Outsourcing ensures that experts are managing compliance, thereby reducing the risk of fines or legal challenges.

Bundled services

Moorepay also offers bundled options that combine payroll and HR services, either as a software package or an outsourced service. These bundles generally start at around £100 per month and can go up to £500 or more for larger companies.

Summary – Moorepay prices explained

Whether you opt for a software solution or a fully outsourced service, understanding the cost structure is crucial for making an informed decision. The estimates provided here should give you a close figure for budgeting purposes.

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FAQ for Moorepay payroll prices

What is the starting cost for Moorepay’s SaaS payroll software?

The starting cost for Moorepay’s SaaS payroll software is around £50 per month for businesses with up to 10 employees.

Are there any set-up fees for Moorepay’s payroll software?

Yes, there’s generally a one-time set-up fee ranging between £150 and £300.

How does Moorepay charge for additional modules in its software?

Additional modules like HR features are usually charged separately, costing between £20 and £50 per month.

What is the cost per employee for Moorepay’s outsourced payroll services?

The cost per employee, per month (PEPM) usually starts at £5 to £8, depending on the level of service required.

Are there implementation costs for Moorepay’s outsourced services?

Yes, transitioning to Moorepay’s outsourced services generally involves a one-off implementation fee ranging from £500 to £1,000.

What are the additional services offered by Moorepay, and how are they priced?

Moorepay offers additional services like custom reports and end-of-year processing, which can add between £100 and £300 to your annual costs.

What are Moorepay’s bundled services and how much do they cost?

Moorepay’s bundled services include both payroll and HR solutions, either as a software package or an outsourced service. Prices generally start at around £100 per month and can go up to £500 or more for larger companies.

Does Moorepay offer any discounts for long-term contracts?

While specific details may vary, Moorepay sometimes offers discounts for long-term commitments. It’s best to consult directly with them for the most current information.

How does Moorepay’s pricing compare with other payroll solutions?

Moorepay offers competitive pricing, particularly considering the comprehensive nature of their services. However, the best value for your company will depend on your specific needs and circumstances.

Are Moorepay’s software solutions scalable with company growth?

Yes, Moorepay’s SaaS payroll solutions are scalable. Costs will generally increase with the number of employees you have.

Does Moorepay offer a trial period for its software?

Moorepay generally does not offer a free trial for their payroll software, although demonstrations are often available upon request.

How often does Moorepay update its software and are there any costs involved?

Moorepay regularly updates its software for compliance and new features. These updates are usually included in your subscription fee.

Is training for Moorepay’s software included in the initial cost?

Training costs can vary and may be separate from the initial set-up fee or subscription costs.

Does Moorepay offer services for international payroll?

Yes, Moorepay does offer international payroll services, but these come at an additional cost that can vary widely depending on the countries involved.

How are corrections handled in Moorepay’s payroll services and are there any additional costs?

Corrections are typically included in the service agreement for outsourced services but may incur additional fees in the software-only package.

Are there any hidden fees I should be aware of with Moorepay’s services?

While Moorepay aims to be transparent with their pricing, it’s crucial to read the service agreement in detail to understand all potential costs.

Can I integrate Moorepay’s payroll software with other HR software?

Yes, Moorepay’s software often allows for integration with other HR systems. However, there might be additional costs for this feature.

What support does Moorepay offer and are there any costs associated?

Moorepay typically offers customer support as part of their service packages, although premium support levels may incur additional fees.

How are upgrades to Moorepay’s outsourced services priced?

Upgrades or additional features in Moorepay’s outsourced services are typically charged separately and will depend on the specific services you require.

Does Moorepay offer a money-back guarantee?

Moorepay generally does not offer a money-back guarantee. However, you can often negotiate the terms of service to include performance benchmarks.

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