12Pay payroll prices and options review – 2024 UK costs guide

In the realm of payroll services, 12Pay, owned by IRIS, offers a streamlined and HMRC-recognised suite of payroll software tailored for small to medium-sized UK businesses, accountants, and payroll bureaus. This review will delve into the pricing and features of 12Pay payroll software packages to assist businesses in making informed decisions.


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12Pay payroll prices and features

FeatureExpress (Free)Premium (£79+VAT)Bureau (£156+VAT)
Recognised by HMRC
Limit to the number of companies on one licence33No Limit
Maximum number of employees per company930No Limit
Monthly/weekly payrolls
Automatic holiday entitlement
Print payslips on blank paper6 Payroll trial
Print self-sealing payslips
Print A4 window-envelope style payslips
Email payslips to employees
Bulk printing of P11, P60, Pay StatementsTrial
Payroll summary reportTrial
Reconciliation report, Net Pay, Annual summaryTrial
Custom logo on reports and payslips
Report Writer for custom reports
Store additional HR details against employees
Live submission of RTI to HMRC<10 employees
Auto Enrolment ModuleN/AOptional (£79)Optional (£145)
CIS Extensions for SubcontractorsN/AOptional (£37)Optional (£37)
IRIS My ePay Window for e-payslipsN/APer employee costPer employee cost
Exporting files/reports to Excel
Annual CostFree£79+VAT£156+VAT

Overview of 12Pay payroll packages

12Pay presents three primary payroll packages – Express, Premium, and Bureau – each catering to different business needs and sizes.

Express Edition

The Express edition is a complimentary offering designed for small companies with up to nine employees. It’s a suitable choice for businesses where digital payslips and extensive management reports are not a necessity.

This free software handles all pay calculations and HMRC filings, such as Real-Time Information (RTI) submissions.

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However, this option does not include automatic holiday entitlement calculations, email payslips, or exporting files to Excel.

The Express edition allows for the management of up to three companies per license.

Premium Edition

At £79+VAT per annum, the Premium edition extends the capabilities of the Express version, accommodating up to 30 employees per company for up to three companies per license.

This package includes additional features such as the optional Auto Enrolment Module for pensions, priced at £79, and CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) Extensions for subcontractors at £37.

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The Premium edition caters to businesses requiring a more comprehensive payroll solution with reporting and payslip functionalities.

Bureau Edition

The Bureau edition is 12Pay’s most extensive offering, suitable for accountancy practices, payroll bureaus, or large businesses that manage payroll for multiple companies.

For £156+VAT per annum, there is no limit on the number of companies or employees.

This edition also offers the optional Auto Enrolment Module and CIS Extensions, priced the same as the Premium edition.

The Bureau edition is designed for organisations seeking the highest level of flexibility and features in their payroll operations.

Key features across 12Pay packages

All 12Pay packages are recognised by HMRC and are designed to simplify payroll processes, ensuring compliance with current legislation. The software includes functionalities such as:

  • Tax and NI calculations
  • Furlough claim calculations
  • Electronic payslips and HMRC documents distribution
  • Reporting tools for enhanced business decisions
  • Auto Enrolment communications and management
  • Real Time Information (RTI) reporting
  • Holiday pay configurations

Customer support and additional services

12Pay prides itself on customer support, offering a help centre with guides and documentation to assist users. Additionally, IRIS 12Pay Employee Verification simplifies employment and income data gathering, which can be a boon for employees applying for loans, mortgages, and tenancy agreements.

Conclusion – 12Pay review

12Pay offers a competitive range of payroll packages designed to fit various business sizes and needs.

From the free Express edition suitable for small businesses to the comprehensive Bureau edition for larger entities and payroll service providers, 12Pay delivers a cost-effective solution for efficient payroll management.

For businesses in need of a reliable payroll system, 12Pay’s offerings provide a blend of functionality and value.

For further details or to select the package that best suits your business needs, visit IRIS 12Pay’s website.

FAQ for 12Pay review

What is 12Pay?

12Pay is a range of payroll software packages offered by IRIS Business Software Ltd that provides payroll solutions for small to medium-sized businesses, accountants, and payroll bureaus.

Is 12Pay recognised by HMRC?

Yes, all 12Pay software packages are recognised by HMRC.

Can 12Pay handle Real-Time Information (RTI) submissions?

Yes, 12Pay can manage RTI submissions to HMRC.

What free options does 12Pay provide?

12Pay offers a free Express edition suitable for small businesses with up to 9 employees.

Does 12Pay offer solutions for large businesses or payroll bureaus?

Yes, the Bureau edition of 12Pay is designed for large businesses and payroll bureaus with no limits on the number of companies or employees.

How much does 12Pay Premium cost?

The 12Pay Premium package costs £79+VAT annually.

Can 12Pay calculate furlough claims?

Yes, 12Pay includes functionality for calculating furlough claims.

Does 12Pay offer any services for subcontractors?

Yes, 12Pay offers CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) Extensions for subcontractors.

What support does 12Pay offer for Auto Enrolment?

12Pay provides an optional Auto Enrolment Module for pension management.

How does 12Pay ensure compliance with payroll legislation?

12Pay is updated regularly to ensure compliance with the latest payroll legislation.

Can 12Pay produce electronic payslips?

Yes, the Premium and Bureau editions of 12Pay can generate electronic payslips.

Does 12Pay support different payroll frequencies?

Yes, 12Pay supports monthly, weekly, 2-weekly, and 4-weekly payrolls.

What is the cost of 12Pay’s Auto Enrolment Module?

The Auto Enrolment Module costs an additional £79 for Premium and £145 for Bureau editions.

Does 12Pay offer a trial for any of its features?

The Express edition of 12Pay offers a trial period for certain features.

Can I manage multiple companies with 12Pay Express?

Yes, you can manage up to three companies with the free 12Pay Express edition.

What kind of customer service does 12Pay offer?

12Pay provides a help centre with support guides and documentation for its users.

Can 12Pay handle holiday pay calculations?

Holiday pay calculations are available in the Premium and Bureau editions of 12Pay.

How can I upgrade my 12Pay package?

You can upgrade your 12Pay package at any time by contacting their customer service or through your account settings.

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