ShiftAI payroll prices and options review – 2024 UK costs guide

ShiftAI offers a suite of payroll, HR, and scheduling services specifically designed for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the United Kingdom. Their system is designed to streamline the payroll process, allowing for a quick and efficient operation that requires an average of just 2-4 minutes per month to process payroll. This service caters to a range of business sizes, from single-founder startups to SMEs with over 100 employees. Read our full ShiftAI review to learn more.


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ShiftAI prices and features

Feature CategoryStartup PlanPremium PlanBusiness Plan
Pricing (Annual)£24/Employee/Year£36/Employee/YearUpon Request
Pricing (Monthly)£2/Employee/Month£3/Employee/MonthUpon Request
Base Fee (Monthly)£5£50N/A
Payroll SubmissionRTI Payroll SubmissionRTI Payroll SubmissionRTI Payroll Submission
Employee DirectoryIncludedIncludedIncluded
Pension ContributionsIncludedIncludedIncluded
Employee TypesPart-time/Full-timePart-time/Full-timePart-time/Full-time
Payroll PeriodsMonth/WeekMonth/WeekMonth/Week
DownloadsP45, P60, CSVP45, P60, CSVP45, P60, CSV
PaymentsAutomated & IntegratedAutomated & IntegratedAutomated & Integrated
Payroll RunsScheduledScheduledScheduled
IntegrationsBasicAccounting IntegrationsAdvanced Integrations
Document StorageN/AEmployee Document StorageEmployee Document Storage
SupportN/APriority Telephone/ZoomCustomised Support
Advanced FeaturesN/ATime Off Calendar FeaturesAdvanced Scheduling Features
Multiprovider Pension SupportAdvanced ML Engine
Employee Handbook Creation
Account ManagementN/AN/AShared Account Manager
AnalyticsN/AN/AAdvanced Analytics
Response TimeN/AN/A1-hour SLA
Mobile AppN/AN/AiOS Employee App
Custom IntegrationsN/AN/AIncluded
Discounts17% off base fee (Annual)Base fee £600 (Annual)N/A
Free TrialStart for FreeStart for FreeRequest Demo

Features of ShiftAI payroll and HR services

Payroll management

  • The system is able to handle payroll from beginning to end, including automatic calculation of taxes, pensions, and other deductions.
  • Recognised by HMRC for PAYE RTI submissions, ensuring compliance and security.
  • Features an integrated holiday tracking and approval system.
  • Allows for auto upload of pay templates to banks for easy payment processing.

HR and scheduling integration

  • Automates and schedules pay runs, adds employees, and sends out payslips automatically.
  • Offers a comprehensive employee database and document centre for important files.
  • Includes automatic rota-scheduling to optimise productivity and reduce bias.

Pensions and accounting

  • Provides customisable pension settings and integrates with popular pension providers like NEST and NOW Pensions.
  • Synchronises payroll data automatically with existing pension schemes.
  • Integrates with accounting software like Xero, QuickBooks, and FreeAgent for automatic journal entries or manual payroll journal creation.

Payroll API

  • ShiftAI’s Payroll & HR product includes a payroll API, which is especially useful for companies utilising time management software, allowing for seamless integration and accuracy in payroll calculations.

ShiftAI pricing plans

ShiftAI offers different pricing plans that cater to various business needs:

Startup Plan

  • Costs £24 per employee per year when billed annually.
  • Includes essential features such as RTI payroll submission, an employee directory, and support for various payroll periods.
  • There’s a £5 per month base fee, but it’s free for the first user with no base fee.

Premium Plan

  • Priced at £36 per employee per year with an annual billing cycle.
  • Has a base fee of £50 per month.
  • Offers more advanced features such as automated payments, accounting integrations, and priority support.

Business Plan

  • Pricing is provided upon request.
  • Comes with dedicated account management features such as an advanced ML engine, custom integrations, and a 1-hour SLA response time.

These plans offer scalability, allowing businesses to start with essential features and upgrade as they grow.

For monthly pricing, the Startup Plan is £2 per employee per month, and the Premium Plan is £3 per employee per month, maintaining similar features as their annual counterparts but allowing for more flexibility in payments.

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Conclusion – ShiftAI review

ShiftAI provides a comprehensive and automated solution for payroll and HR management, designed with the needs of UK SMEs in mind. Its fast processing times, robust features, and integration capabilities make it a competitive option in the market.

With a range of pricing plans, businesses can select the service level that suits their current operations, with the ability to scale as needed. For further details on their features and to find the right plan for your business, visit ShiftAI’s website.

FAQ for ShiftAI review

What is ShiftAI?

ShiftAI is a software platform that offers integrated payroll, HR, and scheduling services for small to medium-sized enterprises in the UK.

How does ShiftAI simplify payroll?

ShiftAI simplifies payroll by automating calculations, submitting RTI to HMRC, and integrating with pension and accounting software.

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Can ShiftAI integrate with my current accounting software?

Yes, ShiftAI can integrate with popular accounting software like Xero, QuickBooks, and FreeAgent.

Does ShiftAI offer a free trial?

ShiftAI offers a ‘Start for Free’ option, allowing businesses to try out the service before committing to a paid plan.

What kind of support does ShiftAI offer?

ShiftAI offers support ranging from basic customer service to priority telephone/Zoom support, depending on the plan chosen.

Is ShiftAI compliant with HMRC regulations?

Yes, ShiftAI is recognised by HMRC for PAYE RTI submissions and ensures compliance with UK payroll regulations.

How does ShiftAI handle pension contributions?

ShiftAI handles pension contributions by integrating with pension providers like NEST and NOW Pensions, and automating the calculation and submission process.

Can ShiftAI manage time-off requests?

Yes, ShiftAI includes time-off management features that allow employees to request holidays and managers to approve them within the platform.

How many employees can I manage with ShiftAI?

ShiftAI does not limit the number of employees you can manage on any of its plans.

What type of businesses is ShiftAI designed for?

ShiftAI is designed for UK-based SMEs, from startups to companies with over 100 employees.

Does ShiftAI offer custom integrations?

The Business Plan of ShiftAI offers custom integrations for enterprises with specific needs.

How can ShiftAI improve my HR management?

ShiftAI streamlines HR management by providing tools for payroll, employee data, document storage, and rota scheduling all in one platform.

Is there a mobile app for ShiftAI services?

ShiftAI provides a mobile app for iOS users, offering access to payroll and HR services on the go.

Can ShiftAI automate rota scheduling?

Yes, ShiftAI can automatically generate rota time tables based on employee preferences and organisational rules.

What reports can I generate with ShiftAI?

ShiftAI allows you to download various reports like P45, P60, and custom CSV reports for deeper analysis.

How does ShiftAI secure my company’s data?

ShiftAI secures your company’s data by storing it on UK servers and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Can ShiftAI be used for part-time and full-time employees?

Yes, ShiftAI is suitable for both part-time and full-time employees, offering flexible payroll period settings.

Does ShiftAI offer any discounts on their plans?

ShiftAI offers a 17% discount on the base fee for the annual Startup Plan and other promotional offers from time to time.

What sets ShiftAI apart from other payroll software?

ShiftAI sets itself apart from other payroll software by providing a dedicated payroll experience, focusing on optimising payroll functions and enabling employee self-serve capabilities.

How can I request a demo of ShiftAI?

You can request a demo of ShiftAI by selecting the ‘Request Demo’ option on their Business Plan or contacting them directly through their website.

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