Primo Payroll prices and options review – 2024 UK costs guide

Understanding the costs associated with payroll services is crucial for UK businesses of all sizes. Primo Payroll offers a variety of packages designed to cater to the diverse needs of micro employers, standard employers, and bureaux and accountants. Here is a breakdown of their pricing and the services provided to ensure you can make an informed decision that suits your business needs.


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Primo Payroll prices and fees

Service LevelUser TypePriceEmployeesEmployersSupportAuto EnrolmentFeatures GroupPayment/Deduction ElementsPayslip EmailingBulk Salary PaymentAdditional Features
Essentials Free PlusMicro EmployersFreeUp to 10Low priority emailEssentials55
Essentials 25Micro Employers£24.99/yearUp to 10Email onlyEssentials10107-day trial
Essentials 50Micro Employers£49.99/yearUp to 10Email & PhoneEssentials10107-day trial
StandardStandard Employers£0.60/payslip/monthUnlimitedEmail & PhoneGroup 1Unlimited
ProfessionalStandard Employers£1.00/payslip/monthUnlimitedEmail & PhoneGroup 1UnlimitedBranch, department & job classifications; Reporting across multiple years and tax periods; SSP, SMP, SAP & SPP automation; Import period inputs
EnterpriseStandard Employers£1.20/payslip/monthUnlimitedEmail & PhoneGroup 2UnlimitedAll Professional features plus employee self-service portal; P6/P9 tax code notifications; Employee communication module
StandardBureaux & Accountants£21/month25 per employer99Email onlyGroup 2Right to advertisement by Accentra
ProfessionalBureaux & Accountants£35/monthUnlimited250Email onlyGroup 2Right to advertisement by Accentra
EnterpriseBureaux & Accountants£45/month (+ £0.40/payslip/month*)UnlimitedUnlimitedTelephone, Email, Account ManagerGroup 3Client account management; Employer self-service portal; Employee self-service portal; Client communication module; Client report automation

Note: Prices and features are based on the provided data tables. It is always recommended to confirm the current details with Primo Payroll directly as prices and offerings may change.

Micro employers

For micro employers, Primo Payroll presents three tiers:

  1. Essentials Free Plus: This is a free payroll service for employers with up to 10 employees, offering an auto-enrolment module, low-priority email support, essential features, and rights to advertisement by Accentra. It includes payment elements for 5 and deduction elements for 5 but lacks payslip emailing and bulk salary payment facility.
  2. Essentials 25: At £24.99 per year, this tier provides for up to 10 employees and includes email support, 10 payment and deduction elements, payslip emailing, and bulk salary payment facility. It also offers a 7-day free trial.
  3. Essentials 50: Priced at £49.99 per year, it extends the offerings of Essentials 25 with additional support options, including phone service.

Standard employers

For standard employers, Primo offers:

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  1. Standard: Unlimited employees can be managed for £0.60 per payslip/month, with a minimum billing of £8.00/month. It includes an auto-enrolment module, email and phone support, unlimited payment and deduction elements, payslip emailing, all standard payroll reports, and a bulk salary payment facility.
  2. Professional: At £1.00 per payslip/month and a minimum of £12.00/month, this package builds on the Standard by adding features such as branch, department and job classifications, and SSP, SMP, SAP & SPP automation, among others.
  3. Enterprise: For £1.20 per payslip/month and a minimum billing of £16.00/month, you receive all the Professional features plus an employee self-service portal, tax code notifications, and an employee communication module.

Bureaux and accountants

For bureaux and accountants, Primo has tailored services to fit their expansive client management needs:

  1. Standard: For £21 per month, this tier offers support for 99 employers and 25 employees per employer, including an auto-enrolment module and email support, with essential features for group 2.
  2. Professional: Priced at £35 per month, this extends to 250 employers with unlimited employees, email support, and the same essential features.
  3. Enterprise: At £45 per month, plus £0.40 per payslip/month*, it supports unlimited numbers of both users and employees, with comprehensive support including telephone, email, account management, a client report automation feature, and more.

Each tier is designed to scale with the size and complexity of payroll demands. It is essential to assess not only the number of employees and employers you manage but also the level of support and automation you require. Primo Payroll’s tiered structure allows businesses to start with a basic package and upgrade as their needs develop, ensuring that they only pay for what they need, with the flexibility to grow.

FAQ for Primo Payroll

What is Primo Payroll?

Primo Payroll is a comprehensive payroll service provider offering scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes, including software for managing payroll processes.

How can I contact Primo Payroll customer service?

You can reach Primo customer service via email or phone, depending on the package you have chosen.

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Does Primo Payroll offer an auto-enrolment pension module?

Yes, Primo includes an auto-enrolment module in all its service tiers for micro and standard employers.

Can Primo Payroll handle payroll for micro employers?

Absolutely, Primo offers specific packages tailored for micro employers, such as the Essentials Free Plus.

Is there a free trial available for Primo Payroll services?

Primo provides a 30-day free trial for its Standard, Professional, and Enterprise packages.

Does Primo Payroll integrate with other accounting software?

You would need to check the current integrations on the Primo Payroll website or contact their support for up-to-date information.

What kind of support does Primo Payroll offer?

Primo offers email and phone support, with the level of support depending on the chosen package.

Are there any hidden fees with Primo Payroll?

Primo Payroll’s pricing tables indicate all costs per payslip and minimum monthly billings, ensuring transparency.

How does Primo Payroll ensure data security?

Primo adheres to strict data security protocols, but specific measures should be confirmed directly with the provider.

Can Primo Payroll manage payroll for a large number of employees?

Yes, Primo Payroll’s Enterprise package is designed to handle an unlimited number of employees.

Is training provided for new Primo Payroll users?

Primo Payroll’s website should be consulted for information on training and onboarding processes.

What makes Primo Payroll different from other payroll services?

Primo offers a unique set of features in its packages, such as the client communication module in the Enterprise tier for bureaux and accountants.

Does Primo Payroll have a mobile app for payroll management?

You’ll need to check with Primo directly to see if they have launched a mobile app for their services.

How user-friendly is Primo Payroll software?

Primo is designed with usability in mind, but user experience can vary and it’s best to utilise the trial period to assess this.

Can I upgrade my Primo Payroll package at any time?

Generally, you can upgrade your Primo package as your business grows, but it’s best to confirm the process with their customer service.

Does Primo Payroll offer customisable reports?

Primo Payroll’s higher-tier packages offer various reporting features, which may include customisable options.

Can Primo Payroll handle different tax codes for employees?

Yes, Primo Payroll’s Enterprise package includes P6/P9 tax code notifications, indicating a capability to manage various tax codes.

How does Primo Payroll stay compliant with UK payroll regulations?

Primo updates its software to stay in line with the latest HMRC regulations and guidelines.

Does Primo Payroll provide end-of-year tax filing services?

The specific services of Primo, including end-of-year tax filing, should be confirmed with the provider.

What do users say about Primo Payroll?

User reviews of Primo can provide insights into their experiences, and it’s advisable to read reviews or testimonials.

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