Enrolpay payroll prices and options review – 2024 UK costs guide

Enrolpay offers a variety of payroll services tailored to the needs of small to large businesses, each with distinct pricing structures and features. Understanding these can help businesses select the service that best fits their financial and operational requirements. In our Enrolpay review, we break down the pricing and features for Enrolpay’s payroll solutions.


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Enrolpay prices and features

FeatureSelf ServiceAssisted ServiceManaged Service
Job Retention Scheme (Coronavirus)
Payslips, P45s, P60sPrintablePrintable & available in appPrintable, emailed & in app
Real Time Information (RTI) to HMRCUser SubmissionAutomatic SubmissionAutomatic Submission
Multiple Payment & Deduction CategoriesLimitedStandardUnlimited
Workplace PensionsManual RecordingIncluded (NEST, SMART)Included (Multiple Providers)
FREE Mobile Employee App
Holiday Management
Attachment of Earnings functionInput by SupportIncluded (Chargeable)Included
Payroll ProcessingManual by UserAutomated WizardProcessed by Support Team
Pay Run FrequencyWeekly to MonthlyWeekly to MonthlyWeekly to Monthly
SupportFAQ Library OnlyTelephone, Email, Chat, FAQTelephone, Email, Chat, FAQ
Response Time2 Working Days1 Working Day
Price per month (up to 9 active employees)Free£6* (1-4 employees)£22*
£11.50* (5-9 employees)

*VAT applicable at standard rate

Please note that the actual features and prices are subject to change, and it’s advisable to contact Enrolpay directly or visit their website for the most current information.

Self-service payroll

The self-service option is ideal for businesses looking to maintain hands-on control of their payroll processes while leveraging Enrolpay’s software capabilities. Key features include:

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  • Job Retention Scheme management for coronavirus.
  • Payslips, P45s, and P60s are printable and available through the employee app.
  • Real-Time Information (RTI) submission to HMRC is done by the user.
  • SSP/SMP/SAP etc. are included.
  • Limited multiple payment and deduction categories.
  • Manual recording for workplace pensions.
  • No free mobile employee app.
  • Manual input by the user for payroll processing.
  • Pay run frequency can be weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly, or monthly.
  • Support through an FAQ library only.
  • The price is free for up to 9 active employees.

Assisted service payroll

The assisted service is a step-up, offering additional support for businesses that require a little extra help:

  • Includes everything in self-service.
  • Payslips are printable, emailed, and available in the employee app.
  • RTI to HMRC is automatically submitted.
  • Standard multiple payment and deduction categories.
  • Workplace pensions include NEST and SMART schemes.
  • A free mobile employee app is available.
  • Holiday management is not included.
  • Attachment of earnings function is provided by support (chargeable).
  • Automated wizard for payroll processing.
  • Support via telephone, email, chat, and FAQ library with a 2 working days response time.
  • The price is £6 (excl. VAT) for 1-4 active employees and £11.50 (excl. VAT) for 5-9 active employees.

Managed service payroll

The managed service is a comprehensive offering for businesses that prefer to outsource their payroll operations entirely:

  • Includes all features of the assisted service.
  • Unlimited multiple payment and deduction categories.
  • Workplace pensions include multiple providers.
  • Holiday management is included.
  • The payroll is processed by the support team.
  • Support via telephone, email, chat, and FAQ library with a 1 working day response time.
  • The price is £22 (excl. VAT) for up to 9 active employees.

Additional services and features

  • Real-Time Information (RTI): Enrolpay’s software validates RTI submissions before they are sent to HMRC and supports all major UK bank BACS file formats.
  • Communication Centre: A built-in feature that allows secure messaging between employees and employers, with an audit trail for all communications.
  • Employee Self Service (MyAccess): Employees can securely view and download payslips, request holidays, configure benefits, and access various documents.
  • Bureau Services: For payroll bureaus, Enrolpay offers a comprehensive payroll and auto enrolment solution with an admin console and tailored functionality, with the added convenience of having no maintenance costs.
  • Managed Service: For small companies, this service handles all payroll and auto enrolment duties, including communications with employees and compliance with regulations.

Conclusion – Enrolpay review

With a range of services from self-service to fully managed options, Enrolpay offers flexibility for different business sizes and needs. Their pricing structure is designed to be transparent, with no hidden costs, allowing businesses to budget effectively for their payroll operations.

For more detailed information or to arrange a demonstration, businesses can contact Enrolpay directly through their website, where a variety of resources, including FAQs, how-to videos, and support dashboards, are also available to assist current and prospective clients.

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Enrolpay Ltd is based in Kilmarnock, United Kingdom, and offers next-generation payroll systems optimised for various platforms, ensuring that regardless of company size, efficient and powerful software is accessible to all.

FAQ for Enrolpay review

What is Enrolpay?

Enrolpay is a UK-based payroll solutions provider offering services ranging from self-service payroll software to fully managed payroll services for small to large businesses.

How does Enrolpay’s self-service payroll work?

Enrolpay’s self-service payroll allows businesses to manually handle payroll processes while using Enrolpay’s software for assistance, particularly suitable for small businesses.

Can Enrolpay manage workplace pensions?

Yes, Enrolpay can manage workplace pensions, with the level of service varying from manual entry in the self-service option to full inclusion with multiple providers in the managed service.

Does Enrolpay offer support for the Job Retention Scheme due to coronavirus?

Enrolpay includes support for the Job Retention Scheme across all its service levels.

Is RTI submission to HMRC automated with Enrolpay?

Real Time Information (RTI) submissions to HMRC are automated with Enrolpay’s assisted and managed services but require user submission in the self-service option.

What are the fees for Enrolpay’s payroll services?

Enrolpay offers a free tier for self-service users with up to 9 active employees, with its assisted service starting from £6 per month and the managed service priced at £22 per month, excluding VAT.

Does Enrolpay provide an employee app?

An employee app is available with Enrolpay’s assisted and managed services, providing various functionalities like viewing payslips and managing holiday requests.

Can Enrolpay integrate with my existing HR software?

Enrolpay offers API integrations, making it possible to connect with various accounts and time recording software systems.

How can I get started with Enrolpay?

To get started with Enrolpay, you can sign up through their website or contact their sales team for a demonstration and setup assistance.

What kind of support does Enrolpay offer?

Enrolpay provides support through an FAQ library, and depending on the service level, also through telephone, email, chat, and a dedicated support dashboard.

Is holiday management included in Enrolpay’s services?

Holiday management is included in Enrolpay’s managed service but is not available in the self-service or assisted service options.

How does Enrolpay ensure data security?

Enrolpay uses SSL technology to protect all data, ensuring password protection and secure daily backups.

What payroll frequencies does Enrolpay support?

Enrolpay supports various payroll frequencies, including weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly, and monthly schedules.

Can Enrolpay handle multiple payment and deduction categories?

Yes, Enrolpay can handle multiple payment and deduction categories, with the extent of this feature depending on the chosen service level.

Is Enrolpay HMRC compliant?

Yes, Enrolpay is HMRC compliant and validates all RTI submissions before they are sent to HMRC.

Does Enrolpay offer services for temporary workers?

Enrolpay does offer services for temporary workers, ensuring flexible payroll solutions suitable for all employment types.

What training resources does Enrolpay provide?

Enrolpay offers ‘how-to’ videos, tips and tricks, and discussion forums for training and support purposes.

Can Enrolpay help with employee benefits configuration?

Yes, within the employee self-service module, employees can configure their benefits using the tools provided by Enrolpay.

How responsive is Enrolpay’s customer support?

Enrolpay’s customer support response time ranges from 1 working day for the managed service to 2 working days for the assisted service.

What makes Enrolpay different from other payroll service providers?

Enrolpay differentiates itself with its comprehensive features across various service levels, transparent pricing with no hidden costs, and support for businesses of all sizes.

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