Capium Payroll prices and options review – 2024 UK costs guide

When it comes to managing payroll, UK businesses have a plethora of options, but finding a cost-effective and efficient solution is key. Capium offers a range of payroll services and software solutions tailored to different business sizes. Understanding the pricing and what you get for your money is crucial for making an informed decision. In this review, we break down the costs and services provided by Capium for their payroll offerings.


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Capium payroll prices

ServiceSmall (£)Medium (£)Large (£)
Monthly Package
Full Accounting Suite125.00250.00375.00
Client Cost Per Employee1.250.830.75
Payroll Services
Bookkeeping with MTD2.041.361.22
Accounts Production2.041.361.22
Corporation Tax2.041.361.22
Self Assessment2.041.361.22
Advance Payroll2.041.361.22
Practice Management4.803.202.90
Capium Hub0.500.250.20
Company Secretarial6.005.005.00
Capium payroll prices and fees explained

This table encapsulates the monthly package costs for each business size tier, along with the per-client cost. Additionally, it outlines the pricing for additional payroll services offered by Capium.

Keep in mind that the prices are subject to VAT, and the monthly package rates are based on annual pricing bands for 100, 300, and 500 clients respectively. For the enterprise package and services exceeding the 500 client tier, please refer to Capium’s enterprise pricing structure.

Capium’s payroll pricing structure

Capium’s pricing model is designed to cater to businesses of varying sizes, from small start-ups to large enterprises. The pricing is based on the number of clients each business has, with specific tiers for 100, 300, and 500 clients. There’s also an enterprise level for up to 700 clients.

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Small businesses

For small businesses with up to 100 clients, the payroll service is priced at £125 + VAT per month, breaking down to £1.25 + VAT per client. This tier is designed for ambitious accountants whose practices are just beginning.

Medium-sized businesses

The medium tier suits established and growing practices with up to 300 clients. The cost is set at £250 + VAT per month, which translates to £0.83 + VAT per client.

Large businesses

For larger firms aiming high with up to 500 clients, the rate is £375 + VAT per month, or £0.75 + VAT per client.


Reaching out to the stars, the enterprise package is for the successful firm still willing to grow, covering up to 700 clients. This option costs £500 + VAT per month, equating to £0.66 + VAT per client.

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Payroll services included

Each package comes with unlimited user licences, unlimited e-sign, unlimited SMS, and unlimited storage. All options are compliant with Making Tax Digital (MTD) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring that businesses are up to date with legal requirements.

However, it’s important to note that the Capium Hub and Company Secretarial services are excluded from these packages. If these services are required, they will incur additional costs.

Additional Capium payroll services costs

Apart from the main packages, Capium offers specific payroll services at additional costs. These services and their respective prices for small, medium, and large businesses are as follows:

  • Bookkeeping with MTD/MTD Bridging: £2.04 for small, £1.36 for medium, and £1.22 for large businesses.
  • Accounts production, corporation tax, self-assessment, and advance payroll: These are all priced the same as bookkeeping across different business sizes.
  • Practice management: £4.80 for small, £3.20 for medium, and £2.90 for large businesses.
  • Capium Hub: £0.50 for small, £0.25 for medium, and £0.20 for large businesses.
  • SMS: £1.80 for small, £1.20 for medium, and £1.08 for large businesses.
  • Company secretarial: This is fixed at £6 for small businesses and £5 for medium and large businesses.

Free payroll software for up to 3 employees

For very small businesses or start-ups that are just beginning to hire staff, managing payroll costs is particularly important. Capium acknowledges this by offering a free payroll software option designed for companies with up to three employees.

Features of the Capium free payroll software

The free payroll software includes basic functionalities that small businesses require to comply with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) regulations:

  • Real-Time Information (RTI) submissions: Ensures that information about tax and other deductions is reported to HMRC in real time each time employees are paid.
  • Payslip generation: Allows employers to generate and distribute payslips to their employees.
  • End of Year reports: Facilitates the necessary reporting at the fiscal year-end.
  • Auto-enrolment for pensions: Helps to manage the auto-enrolment process for eligible staff.


While the free software is a great starting point, it’s important to note that it may have limitations compared to paid versions. These limitations could include:

  • Lack of advanced features: More complex payroll needs such as handling benefits in kind, student loan repayments, or maternity/paternity pay may require an upgrade.
  • Limited customer support: The level of customer service and support might be less comprehensive than that which comes with the paid packages.
  • No scalability: As your business grows beyond three employees, you will need to move to a paid package to accommodate additional staff.

Verdict – Capium payroll review

Capium’s pricing is competitive and offers a scalable solution for UK businesses looking to manage their payroll efficiently. With a clear understanding of the costs involved and the services provided, businesses can select the package that best fits their needs and budget. Whether you are just starting or looking to grow your business, Capium has a payroll service option that can accommodate your company’s requirements.

FAQ for Capium payroll review

What is the cost of Capium payroll services for a small business?

Capium payroll services for a small business cost £125 + VAT per month for up to 100 clients.

Can Capium payroll handle RTI submissions?

Yes, Capium payroll can handle Real Time Information (RTI) submissions to HMRC.

Is there a free version of Capium payroll software?

Yes, Capium offers a free payroll software version for businesses with up to 3 employees.

Does Capium payroll software integrate with other accounting functions?

Capium payroll software integrates seamlessly with other Capium accounting suites for a holistic approach.

How does Capium payroll ensure GDPR compliance?

Capium payroll includes features that ensure data is processed in a way that is GDPR compliant.

Are there any hidden costs with Capium payroll services?

There are no hidden costs with Capium payroll services; all prices are clearly stated per client tier.

What sizes of businesses can use Capium payroll software?

Capium payroll software caters to businesses of all sizes, from those with up to 3 employees to enterprises with up to 700 clients.

How does Capium payroll deal with auto-enrolment pensions?

Capium payroll offers auto-enrolment pension features to manage pension contributions in compliance with regulations.

Can I generate payslips using Capium payroll?

Yes, you can generate and distribute payslips to employees using Capium payroll.

Is customer support available for Capium payroll software?

Customer support is available for Capium payroll, with the level of support depending on the service package chosen.

How do I switch to Capium payroll services from another provider?

Switching to Capium payroll services involves setting up an account with Capium and importing your current payroll data.

Does Capium payroll offer a mobile app?

As of the latest update, Capium does not offer a dedicated mobile app for payroll services.

Can Capium payroll handle year-end tax forms?

Yes, Capium payroll can manage and facilitate the submission of year-end tax forms to HMRC.

Does Capium payroll support different pay frequencies?

Capium payroll supports various pay frequencies such as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and others.

How secure is Capium payroll data?

Capium payroll employs robust security measures to protect payroll data, adhering to industry-standard encryption and security protocols.

Can Capium payroll accommodate freelance and contract workers?

Yes, Capium payroll is flexible enough to accommodate the payment of freelancers and contract workers.

Is training available for Capium payroll software?

Training resources and guides are available, ensuring users can fully utilise all features of Capium payroll software.

Can I process bonuses and commissions through Capium payroll?

Bonuses and commissions can be processed with ease through Capium payroll.

What reporting capabilities does Capium payroll have?

Capium payroll offers comprehensive reporting capabilities, including payroll summaries, payment histories, and tax reports.

Are updates to Capium payroll automatic?

Updates to Capium payroll are typically automatic, ensuring users have the latest features and compliance updates.

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