Orbital payroll prices and options review – 2024 UK costs guide

Orbital Services has carved out a unique space in the UK business landscape by offering specialised payroll solutions beyond the conventional. Their portfolio includes umbrella payroll, Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)/Non-CIS Self-Employed Sole Trader services, and Professional Employment Organisation (PEO) services.


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For businesses and contractors unfamiliar with these specific offerings, understanding the pricing structures can be challenging. This article aims to demystify the costs involved in availing of these specialised services from Orbital Services.

Orbital Services pricing and costs

To summarise the different cost elements associated with Orbital Services’ offerings, the table below provides a handy reference:

Service TypeCost ElementTypical Cost RangeNotes
Umbrella PayrollSetup Fee£100 – £400One-time charge
Weekly/Monthly Fee£20 – £30 per timesheet
Additional Services£10 – £50 per serviceAdvanced payslips, financial reports
CIS/Non-CIS Self-Employed Sole TraderCIS Deductions4-5% of invoice valueFor CIS-registered sole traders
Non-CIS Monthly Fee£50 – £100Flat fee based on transaction volume
Professional Employment Organisation (PEO)Service Fees3-8% of total payroll
Add-on ServicesVariableAdditional costs for extra services like benefits administration
Orbital Services umbrella payroll and PEO pricing

Umbrella payroll costs

Umbrella payroll is an arrangement where a company like Orbital Services acts as the employer for contractors working on fixed-term assignments. This model is particularly popular among contractors and freelancers.

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Setup fees

Expect to pay an initial setup fee, ranging from £100 to £400, depending on the intricacies of your employment situation.

Weekly or monthly fee

Orbital Services usually charges a fee per timesheet processed, which could be on a weekly or monthly basis. This fee generally ranges from £20 to £30 per timesheet.

Additional services

Some extra services, like advanced payslips and financial reports, may come with additional fees, generally ranging from £10 to £50 per service.

CIS/Non-CIS Self-Employed Sole Trader services

These services are geared towards those in the construction industry (CIS) and other self-employed sole traders (Non-CIS).

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CIS deductions

For CIS-registered sole traders, Orbital Services can manage your monthly returns and deductions, often for a fee of around 4-5% of the invoice value.

Non-CIS fees

For Non-CIS self-employed sole traders, a flat monthly fee often applies, which could range from £50 to £100, based on the volume of transactions and the complexity of your needs.

Professional Employment Organisation (PEO) services

In a PEO arrangement, Orbital Services co-employs your staff, taking over many of the employee-related liabilities while you maintain day-to-day control.

Service fees

The cost of PEO services is often a percentage of the total employee payroll, which can range from 3% to 8%.

Add-on services

Extra services like employee benefits administration or advanced HR services may come at additional costs, usually calculated on a per-employee or per-service basis.

Bundles and discounts

It’s worth noting that Orbital Services may offer discounts for businesses that require multiple services or have a larger number of contractors or employees. These discounts can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Conclusion – Orbital Services prices

Orbital Services offers a range of specialised payroll solutions, each with its unique pricing structure. Understanding these costs is crucial for businesses and contractors alike to ensure that they are making a financially sound choice.

The costs can vary significantly depending on your specific circumstances and needs, so it’s essential to consult with Orbital Services to get a tailored quote. By doing so, you can take full advantage of their specialised services while maintaining a keen eye on cost-effectiveness.

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FAQ for Orbital Services pricing

In this section, we tackle some of the most commonly asked questions about Orbital Services and their unique payroll offerings.

What services does Orbital Services provide?

Orbital Services offers specialised payroll solutions, including umbrella payroll, CIS/Non-CIS Self-Employed Sole Trader services, and Professional Employment Organisation (PEO) services.

What are the setup costs for umbrella payroll?

The setup costs generally range from £100 to £400 and are a one-time fee.

Are there recurring fees for umbrella payroll?

Yes, there is usually a fee per timesheet processed, typically between £20 and £30.

Do I need to pay extra for additional services in the umbrella payroll?

Yes, services like advanced payslips and financial reports come at an additional cost, usually between £10 and £50.

What is the CIS service?

The CIS service is tailored for sole traders in the construction industry. It manages monthly returns and deductions.

How much does the CIS service cost?

It often costs around 4-5% of the invoice value.

What are the costs for Non-CIS Self-Employed Sole Trader services?

For Non-CIS self-employed sole traders, a flat monthly fee usually applies, ranging from £50 to £100.

What is a PEO service?

A Professional Employment Organisation (PEO) service is an arrangement where Orbital Services co-employs your staff, managing many of the employee-related liabilities.

What are the costs involved in PEO services?

The cost usually ranges from 3% to 8% of the total employee payroll.

Are there any additional costs for PEO services?

Yes, add-on services like employee benefits administration come at an additional cost.

Can I negotiate the pricing?

Yes, Orbital Services may offer customised pricing for businesses that require multiple services or have a large workforce.

Is training provided for using their platform?

Training is generally included in the setup fee, but you should confirm this with Orbital Services.

Are there discounts for long-term commitments?

Discounts for long-term commitments are often available and can be discussed with Orbital Services directly.

Are software updates included in the monthly fees?

Generally, updates are included in the recurring fees, but it’s advisable to confirm this beforehand.

How frequently can I run my payroll?

You can run payroll on a weekly or monthly basis, although different fees may apply depending on the frequency.

What if I need to correct a payroll error?

Correction fees may apply based on the time and complexity involved in fixing the issue.

Can Orbital Services handle tax filing?

Yes, Orbital Services often takes care of tax filing, especially under the umbrella and PEO arrangements.

Do they offer a mobile app for employee self-service?

Some packages do offer mobile apps as add-ons, usually at an additional cost per employee per month.

What types of reports can Orbital Services generate?

They offer a variety of reports, including payslips, financial reports, and year-end reports, among others. Some may come at an additional cost.

How do I get started with Orbital Services?

You can get started by contacting them for a consultation, during which they will provide a tailored quote based on your specific needs.

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