12 Cloud Payroll prices and options review – 2024 UK costs guide

In an era where digital transformation dominates the business landscape, 12 Cloud Payroll has introduced a tailored pricing structure aimed at serving businesses of all sizes. Let’s delve deep into their pricing model, assess how it stacks up against competitors, and evaluate which types of businesses might benefit most from their offerings.


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12 Cloud Payroll – Individual company prices

12 Cloud Payroll has crafted a sliding scale of pricing based on the number of employees a company has. It’s apparent that this pricing structure is designed to cater to companies ranging from startups with a handful of employees to large corporations.

RTI Payroll Prices Monthly

The pricing begins at a modest £5 per month for companies with 1-2 employees and goes up to a flexible model of £0.5 per employee per month for businesses with 500+ employees. This model seems particularly beneficial for substantial companies, where the per-employee cost becomes incrementally smaller as the workforce size increases.

No. of Employees / Leavers e-Filed FPSCost (exclusive of VAT)
1 – 2 Employees£5 / month
3 – 5 Employees£10 / month
6 – 9 Employees£15 / month
10 – 15 Employees£25 / month
16 – 20 Employees£30 / month
21 – 30 Employees£40 / month
31 – 50 Employees£50 / month
51 – 80 Employees£60 / month
81 – 100 Employees£70 / month
101 – 120 Employees£80 / month
121 – 150 Employees£100 / month
151 – 200 Employees£120 / month
201 – 300 Employees£150 / month
301 – 500 Employees£200 / month
500+ Employees£0.5 / employee / month
12 Cloud Payroll limited company pricing

P11D and P11D(b) Prices

These returns are priced yearly, with P11D returns costing £5 per P11D employee and P11D(b) returns priced at £10 per company. This distinction emphasises the importance of understanding which type of return is more suitable for a company’s specific needs.

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P11D Returns£5 / P11D employee / year
P11D(b) Returns£10 / company / year
Cloud 12 Payroll P11D prices

12 Cloud Payroll – Pay Bureau / Agent Prices

A more complex two-tier pricing structure awaits pay bureaus or agents, highlighting 12 Cloud Payroll’s effort to accommodate the diverse needs of such intermediaries.

RTI Payroll Prices Monthly

The base price is a consistent £10 per month. However, there’s an additional per-employee charge of £0.20. This tiered structure suggests that 12 Cloud Payroll acknowledges the variable scale of operations that pay bureaus might handle.

CriteriaCost (exclusive of VAT)
Base Price£10 / month
Per Employee per month£0.20 / month

P11D and P11D(b) Prices

Mirroring the structure set for individual companies, the yearly prices are £5 per P11D employee and £10 per company for P11D(b) returns.

CIS Prices

The CIS pricing method interestingly aligns with the RTI payroll prices. It’s based on the number of sub-contractors e-filed per tax month, making it essential for companies to accurately report their subcontractor numbers.

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12 Cloud Payroll pricing summary

While exact figures from competitors aren’t provided, based on industry knowledge, 12 Cloud Payroll seems competitive, especially for medium to large-sized companies.

Their flexible per-employee pricing for larger entities makes them a strong contender in the market. However, startups and very small businesses might find more cost-effective solutions elsewhere – see our payroll bureau pricing guide for more.

Who stands to benefit?

  • Startups & Small Businesses: They can leverage the lower pricing brackets, though it’s advisable to compare with other providers catering specifically to this segment.
  • Medium to Large Enterprises: These companies will significantly benefit from the decreasing per-employee monthly costs. The flexibility of the pricing structure means larger workforces can be managed without exorbitant fees.
  • Pay Bureaus & Agents: The two-tier pricing structure is ideal for pay bureaus serving a diverse clientele. It allows for scalability while keeping base costs predictable.

Closing words

12 Cloud Payroll presents a nuanced and layered pricing structure catering to a broad spectrum of UK businesses. Their competitive pricing, especially for larger enterprises, makes them a worthy consideration. However, as with all financial decisions, businesses should conduct thorough market research and payroll comparisons before committing.

FAQ for 12 Cloud Payroll pricing

How does 12 Cloud Payroll structure its pricing for individual companies?

For individual companies, the pricing is determined based on the number of employees. Prices start at £5 per month for companies with 1-2 employees and progress in tiers, capping at a flexible model of £0.5 per employee for those with 500+ employees.

What is the difference between P11D and P11D(b) pricing?

P11D returns are priced at £5 per employee per year, focusing on specific employee benefits. P11D(b) returns, which cover the employer’s Class 1A National Insurance contributions on benefits, are priced at £10 per company per year.

How are Pay Bureaus or Agents charged differently?

Pay Bureaus or Agents are subject to a two-tier pricing structure. They have a consistent base price of £10 per month, with an additional charge of £0.20 per employee, per month. This caters to their variable scale of operations.

What are the CIS Prices about?

The CIS pricing mirrors the RTI Payroll Prices. It’s based on the number of sub-contractors e-filed per tax month, emphasising the need for accurate subcontractor reporting.

Are all prices VAT inclusive?

No, all prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT. Businesses need to factor in VAT for the total cost.

How does 12 Cloud Payroll’s pricing compare to competitors?

While exact competitor figures aren’t provided in the initial information, 12 Cloud Payroll’s pricing, especially for larger enterprises, seems competitive in the market. However, it’s always advised for businesses to make direct comparisons based on their specific needs.

Is there a benefit in pricing for larger companies with more employees?

Yes, larger companies with over 500 employees are charged on a per-employee basis at £0.5 each, making it incrementally cost-effective as employee numbers rise.

Are there any hidden fees?

The information provided does not mention any hidden fees. However, as with any service, it’s recommended to discuss directly with 12 Cloud Payroll for a comprehensive understanding of the costs.

Is there a contract or minimum commitment period?

The provided data doesn’t specify any contract duration or commitment period. Potential users should inquire directly about any contractual obligations.

How often are prices reviewed or changed?

This wasn’t mentioned in the initial overview. Regularly checking 12 Cloud Payroll’s official communication channels or contacting them directly will provide updates on any pricing changes.

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